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Explosives; mining and construction services

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About Us

We are a group of proudly Mexican companies, born in Guanajuato and absolutely committed to the quality and professionalism of our products and services. Our companies DIEXPLO (Distribuidora de Explosivos e Ingeniería Aplicada, S.A. de C.V.) and MEXVOL (Mexicana de Explosivos y Voladuras, S.A de C.V.) were created by Mining Engineers, aware of the business and the needs of a booming market.

Our goal is to provide fully solutions in areas where our clients require services (technical and commercial), optimize explosive material and achieve a reduction in production costs in their operations. We DIEXPLO and MEXVOL do not sell isolated products, on the contrary, we can offer you a series of portfolios suitable for any operation and / or need.

In our philosophy we are respectful and proactive in the formulation and conduct of the Ecological Policy and the issuance of norms and other instruments provided in the Law, in terms of preservation and restoration of the ecological balance and environmental protection.

DIEXPLO and MEXVOL assume the responsibility to sending at the user the current legislation on the matter, municipal, state and civil protection laws; to sensitize companies that reflect and act in the purchase and use of explosive material; its control, analysis and pertinent information required by SEDENA and Local Military Zones.

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Assertiveness in responding to all extraction processes. DIEXPLO and MEXVOL are part of the SOLUTION.

Corporate Vision

Construction of perpective scenarios, to expand our markets with the simplicity provided by the study, work and knowledge of the explosive and its application.


Reengineering in blasting processes, breaking down dysfunctional paradigms.


Assertiveness, plus the HUMAN BEING and its environment.