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Explosives; mining and construction services

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Contractor of Mining and Civil Works

We are a group dedicated to the mining and construction industry, for this reason, additional to the explosive material branch, we have also started into the field of Mining and Civil Works, providing quality services as well as quite competitive construction costs.

In DIEXPLO and MEXVOLhave carried out various works in mining, as well as we have supported our clients with technical and logistical support in their production processes.

DIEXPLO and MEXVOL assume the responsibility to sending at the user the current legislation on the matter, municipal, state and civil protection laws; to sensitize companies that reflect and act in the purchase and use of explosive material; its control, analysis and pertinent information required by SEDENA and Local Military Zones.

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Project planning, template design and mining plans.

Blast-hole service

Blast-hole loading, load factor design, blast chaining.

Civil construction

Design, execution and projection of civil works, both on the surface and inside the mine.


Design and development of road tunnels in areas of high population density.

Road tunnels

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Road Tunnel, with a total length of 130 m-l, in Guanajuato city, Gto. (Junction branch of the San Diego Tunnel access, in the Historic downtwon).

In this branch were built 45 meters with heavy fortification because alluvial fill was found.

Held in May 2005, for the Government of the State and Municipality of Guanajuato.

Blast-hole service

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Blast-hole service for Long-Hole drills (abanicos). Company Mexichem Flúor (Las Cuevas Mine Unit), San Luis Potosí, S.L.P, in 2012

Whose daily production committed to us of 6000 tons/day.

4 Long-Hole drills (abanicos) loaded per day.

6,000 Tons every day.

Template design

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Template design for 2 X 2 raise holes with a length of 20 meters, for Goldcorp, Los Filos mining unit.

Loaded, chained and blasting development in only one event.

Achieving a shooting efficiency of 99%, obtaining a total length of 19.95 meters of effective shot.

Construction a beneficiation plant.

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In 2001, we participated in the construction of the two million tonnes beneficiation plant for phosphate rock in San Juan de la Costa B.C.S. belonging to the FERTINAL GROUP. With an investment of more than one hundred and twenty million of dollars.

Managing to coordinate more than eleven contractors in different branches such as metallic structures, civil works, electrical works, instrumentation, mechanics, structure assemblies, procurement and design of the field engineering, achieving great benefits for the interested parties reaching the objectives in time, quality and cost.

Construcción planta de beneficio

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En 2001 se participó en la construcción de la planta de beneficio de dos millones de toneladas para roca fosfórica en San Juan de la Costa B. C. S. Perteneciente al GRUPO FERTINAL. Con una inversión de más de ciento veinte millones de Dólares.

Logrando coordinar a más de once contratistas en diferentes ramas como son estructuras metálicas, obra civil, obra eléctrica, instrumentación, mecánica, montajes de estructura, procuración, y diseño en la ingeniería de campo, logrando grandes beneficios para los interesados alcanzando los objetivos en tiempo, calidad y costo.