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Explosives; mining and construction services

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We are a group with a wide experience in the mining and construction industry, for this reason we can offer you a extensive portfolio of services.

In DIEXPLO and MEXVOL we are committed to customer service and that is why our clients can count on the assurance that their operations can reach the next level.

DIEXPLO and MEXVOL provide advice, training and technical support among other services, with us you can be sure that you will have an ally always ready to support and guide you.

The quality and safety of our products is backed by a constant technical assistance service and also a supervised blasting support through our group of qualified engineers, and covering Pre-Sales and after-sales with technical assistance advice.


Open Pit mine blastings


Planning, design, loading and supervision of templates for blasting in open pit mine.

Underground mine blastings


Planning, design, loading and supervision of templates for blasting in underground mine.

Template loaded


Priming, tie up and filled of blast-holes with a crew of specialized and qualified personnel, supervised by experienced engineers and technicians.

Blasting magazines construction


Design, calculations, construction and administration of magazines for the storage of explosive material. (fixed, portable, for surface or for interior mine.)

Supply of explosives.


Supply of the entire line of explosive material, together with advice to control the administration of its explosives permits.



Management of Procedures for Explosives Permits, as well as guidance and carrying out procedures with the corresponding authorities.

Training of personnel


We have qualified instructors to train and specialize your operating personnel in diverse areas of mining.